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  Image Processing Support Plan


Are you a writer? Author? Or maybe you've simply been too busy running your business and haven't had the time to master the details required to build good looking web images. Don't let your entire presentation suffer because a few images don't have that polished finish. In many cases search engines will penalize you if you don't have enough relevant images in your page's content, so leaving images out of your content won't address the issue.

To ease your pain we've prepared a simple Image Processing Support Plan.

  • Select the Batch Processing Plan if you have up to 20 photos, illustrations or other electronic image files that require pre-processing/preparation for placement onto your web pages. Submit up to 20 images at one time and each image will be:

    • Resized (optional)

    • Cropped (optional)

    • Rounded corners (optional)

    • Drop shadows (optional)

    • Standard color correction (optional)

Please contact us for current pricing and availability

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