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  Site Management


Are you busy running your business? No time to run a web site? Granted our hosting applications are easy to use and save lots of time but you may just not have the resources internally to administer your own web site. Our Site Management plans are flexible and accommodating to your business needs.  

Help At All Levels

The easiest way to describe the Site Management plans is to tell you how some of our clients utilize our services:

Enterprise Application Support

A local construction company keeps very busy running their business, so when the time came to move their data out of spreadsheets and into a more manageable solution they called us. We built, maintain and support (24X7) their entire enterprise web-based application including their on-site servers. Custom email solutions, reporting, content management, document management... we handle almost their entire application and technical operations. 

Just Handle It

One of our clients is an author and business person who is constantly on-the-go and simply doesn't have any time to edit copy or manipulate images. His published book has gained traction recently so he needs to link to press releases, post images of his book signings and post excerpts from book reviews. When he receives any of that data he simply forwards it on to us and we handle polishing and posting it to his site. 

Everything But The Images

Another client of ours likes being in control of her content, her copy and how everything looks and flows on her pages. Being a busy entrepreneur she does not have time to edit the pictures that she needs to post to her site. So we put a simple program together for her where she  uploads her pictures from her digital camera (some of them are over 100MB in size!) to her hosting server. A file that big would choke most email servers so after she uploads her files we optimize the image files, crop them, add a shadow, color correct and post them to her account where she can then easily add the photos to her web pages as needed. 

"I'm Not Technical - You Do It"

Yet another client of ours does a number of credit card transactions every day on her web site, so she enlisted us to setup and configure the credit card processing on her web site with her bank. She needed a security certificate installed (SSL) as well as some premium services that she purchases from Google Apps. She runs her web site, her content and her day to day operations and we help her when she needs something technical. 

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