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You’d be surprised how many of our clients have come to us requesting a web presence but actually lack most of the specifics - namely content and site assets. Maybe they have a product or a service that they want to promote but beyond that they’re not sure about how to actually produce a web site, let alone maintain and grow it over time. Fortunately this is where we shine as we’ve seen this so often in the past. We’ve structured a simple plan that helps our clients build the content and collect the assets so that we can empower anyone to produce a high quality internet presence. 

A 3 Step Plan

Step 1A: Keyword Research

Since the internet and all of the web pages out there are primarily ranked, scored and returned from search results based on the page’s content we advise our customers to go straight to the source. Our keyword research plans dig right into the heart of the data and find the best and most appropriate keywords that your site’s content is likely to cover. We find the most desirable yet least pursued keywords so that you’re most likely to rank highest in your niche and target the most likely customers to view your web pages. Simple but powerful, it’s a highly data-centric pursuit that we’ve automated to yield quick and accurate results.

Step 1B: Site Map

After you have your keywords selected it’s time to map out your web site. We’ve published a few things about this and we like to keep it simple. We suggest to our clients that they open their favorite word processor and start a new document using the outline template. Starting at a high level and working your way down, assign a bullet point to each main idea in your outline format - each of these bullet points represents an individual web page. Indent the next bullet point under it and each subsequent line(s) to represent sub titles and finally you’ll drill down enough to fill in the actual page’s content.

Step 2A: Build Your Site

Working from your site map that you created earlier, you'll create each web page for your site and insert the content and all of the page's assets. We prefer to have all of our clients use the Mura Content Management System to build their web pages as it eliminates almost all of the need for coding and makes building your web site fast and easy. 

Step 2B: Optimize Your Landing Pages

Landing pages are those pages in your web site that are intended to be optimized and most attractive to the search engines and those people that are searching for your products, goods or services. Your landing pages aren't terribly different from the other pages in your site, but they will be tweaked and usually specified to a few distinct parameters like number of words, number of links, the number of times your keywords appear in the copy of your page... stuff like that. Again, you could do all of this research manually but we have a support plan to make this quick, easy and painless.

Step 3: Promote Your Site & Get Inbound Links

A very close second in the order of importance to building an optimized site and landing pages is to get as many inbound links as possible. A link to your web page is like a vote; the more votes you get the more likely you'll be regarded as an authority on the subject matter. Another report we offer is one which identifies your competition for your selected keywords. However in this case, your competition will likely become your ally as you'll probably start your link request initiative by offering a reciprocal link in return. 

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