Get Quality Links - Do It Yourself

An inbound link to your web page is like a vote. The web page with the most votes wins the search engine results page placement contest, or at least it really, really helps. Now that you have great content optimized for your well selected keyword phrases, it's time to build your page's popularity by getting other, relevant web pages to link to your page. This is an important part of your SEO efforts; you simply need to get the search engines believing that your page is a significant resource, an authority on the subject matter at hand. You do this by attracting a crowd.

Go Get Your Links!

  • You need to "work the room", so to speak. Get the links to the top 100 web pages that came back in your most recent Google search for your keyword phrase. Put them into some kind of manageable format - a spreadsheet, a database, whatever works for you. You'll need to be able to add information about each of those links, and your list is going to grow....
  • Now to "work the room": You need to visit each of those 100 web pages and in each site, look for a link to the site's webmaster, or ideally, a link request form. If you're lucky enough to find a link request form, fill it out and add it to your records. If not, hopefully you'll at least locate an email address that you can send a link request to.
  • Make sure you keep track of every single communication, every attempt to communicate, as well as accepted or denied link request results. Most webmasters will want you to exchange links - which is completely fair and expected, so be prepared to add a link on your site if your request is acknowledged successfully. Of course, you'll also need to keep track of anyone who agrees to exchange links with you, so that you can be sure they don't remove their link to you. A one way link holds a little more weight than a reciprocal link. It's up to you to make sure everyone is playing fair.

The efforts of link building can be arduous and time consuming. You'll need to keep track of a lot of details as described above and you should always be on the lookout for new sites to request links from. When you get your workflow down pat you should be able to bang this work out daily, in only a few minutes. But remember, only 15% of websites out on the internet actually do this work, meaning that 85% of the websites either gave up, didn't know how important this work is, or simply didn't know how to do it properly.

Want Us To Help?

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