Find Great Keywords - Do It Yourself

Being a subject matter expert in something isn't very effective on the web if your site isn't calibrated towards popular but effective keywords. In many cases you can simply word-smith your content with subtle changes to target some great keywords and not lose an ounce of traction towards the genuine purpose of your page's real meaning. You should never "sell out" a page, article or blog entry's real meaning just to squeeze in an attractive keyword. But let's start at the start: How do you find these important keywords?

Here at we like to keep things simple. If you're going to attempt to find great keywords on your own, here's an effective but simple way to do so:

  • Make a spreadsheet and fill it with 1, 2 and 3 word keyword phrases of ideas that express what your web site is all about. Don't worry about ordering the list of keywords right now, just brain dump and get the ideas out of your head and into the spreadsheet.
  • Now take each of the keywords in your list and run each one of them through one or all of the following sites:
  • The above links should have given you an indication of how good (or poor) each keyword in your list is, relative to popularity and/or searchability. Now would be a good time to start re-ordering the list (or rank) of each keyword in your spreadsheet.

That's a bunch of work, huh? Here's some more bad news - you'll need to do that on a regular basis (preferably weekly, but we do it at least once a month) to be sure that your selected keywords don't fall out of favor in the search engine rankings. 

Want Us To Help?

Here at we provide all of our clients with a free keyword report from the SEO Powersuite tool Rank Tracker. If you've read this far we'd like to think you're serious enough about your SEO quest to request your own free report. Drop us a line and we'll get you started.

If you find that you'd like to use Rank Tracker on your own you can get a free trial version (and possibly a discount).

But what if you don't want to buy Rank Tracker? You know you'll need to get regular reports to check on your keyword progress.... we'll help you out with that too.

Let Us Just Handle It For You

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