Build Great Content - Do It Yourself

If you took the time and did some research you probably found some great keywords so now it's time to build some great content. Ultimately it helps to have some writing background under your belt because at the end of the day, Google will rank your page's content by how relevant and applicable it is for readers. Long gone are the days when you just loaded up a web page full of key phrases that you thought the search engines would like. In today's world of SEO, the search engine robots like the same thing that humans like - readable, logical copy. However, since you took the time to research your keyword phrases there is no reason that you can't roll them up into your page's content and rank highly in the search engine results pages.

Here are some best practices for creating your SEO friendly web pages:

  • Use your keywords in your page's title, url and page headline. Make sure that the page's headline uses the h1 tags to display it; search engines see the h1 tag as the most important heading tag on the page so you should consider your most important page content in the same manner.
  • Search engines can't read text that is built into an image that's placed on your web page. Let's say you scanned an image that contains the text "buy red shoes" next to a nice looking pair of red shoes. The search engines simply won't see it (remember, they can't read the text in an image) nor give you credit for it. However, search engines will read the text inside of the "alt" attributes of your img tags, so remember to use your keywords in your alt attributes.
  • Check out your competition's web pages, how long are they? Copy and paste the text from their web page and into a word processor on your computer and do a word count. How many words are they using? How often do they use your keyword phrases? Your competition didn't get their top ranking on accident, so follow thier lead.

That's a bunch of work, huh? Once again, some more bad news - you'll need to do that on a regular basis (preferably daily, but we do it at least once a week) to be sure that your web pages stay perfectly optimized. 

Want Us To Help?

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