Mura CMS for SEO Success

Using the Mura CMS To Get Your Web Site to the Top of the Search Engines

Search Engine Optimization (SEO). It's not magic or voodoo - you can do this.

Now get the most out of your web site mura cms seo cms mura seoYour goal is simple: Get your web site to the top of the search engine results pages for your selected keywords. And do it without neglecting your business, straining your brain or wondering if you're even doing it right. Remember, we aren't talking about paid advertising, this is all about constructing the many facets of your web site in such a way that you'll appease the search engines so much that your site will appear at the top of the list of search results, organically.

We won't lie to you, it requires a brief, daily commitment but it's not rocket science. About 85% of all web sites on the internet don't do any of this work, however the other 15% can be quite competitive. And results won't happen overnight, even though you could wake up one morning and notice that you're suddenly not ranking as high as you were the day before. You'll have to understand, track and manage details. Additionally, we'd be lying if we said that after a few weeks of doing this stuff you'll be sitting pretty at the top of all search results pages - it may take months - the internet is a pretty big place.  However, you'll see that we offer several choices so that you can do it yourself, enlist our services for a little help or have us just handle all of this for you. If you have a web site, don't stop here. It's time you pushed your way into that top 15% of sites and got some SEO respect!

The 3 Steps to Using the Mura CMS to Achieve SEO Success


Get Good Keywords

Step 2:

Use Mura to Build Great Content With Your Keywords

Step 3:

Get Quality Links With Relevant Sites

... from the domain name of your web site to the names of the images on your web pages, your keywords will attract those people looking for what your site offers.

Why? It's a simple connection. If your site's pages (specifically your landing pages) contain the keywords that people are searching for, your site is more likely to appear in the search engines' search results pages.

Benefits Connect your web site to the good keywords. Do it correctly and you'll be using keywords that have high popularity but aren't searched for quite as often - intelligently leveraging the popularity of your keywords.

Here's how you do this on your own

Want us to help?

Do you want us to just handle it for you?

All of our hosting customers get their first keywords report for free....

Now that you have your keywords, build out your site's pages (especially those landing pages) in a way that the search engines (and humans!) really like.

Why? Do this part correctly and you'll attract like-minded folks who are looking for what you have to offer. Content is King! No tricks, no secrets, just your web pages geared towards those who are looking for your keywords and content.

Benefits When you tie all of your SEO efforts together with great content you'll become recognized as the leader in your area of expertise. It's kind of like a snowball, you'll get bigger and bigger....

Here's how you do this on your own

Want us to help?

Do you want us to just handle it for you?

All of our hosting customers get their first page optimization report for free....
Arguably one of the most important parts of the SEO effort, you want your web site to become popular. Achieve this by getting links to your site from other relevant sites (not link farms or spam services).

Why? You want your site's pages to become Prom Queen; each vote (link) from the student body (other relevant sites like yours) elevates your popularity. Getting the most votes is very important to SEO.

Benefits Your web site will place higher on search engine results pages, become an industry leader, increase your brand (site) recognition and ultimately draw more eyeballs to your web site.

Here's how you do this on your own

Want us to help?

Do you want us to just handle it for you?

All of our hosting customers get their first link partners report for free....

There are many more details to consider when building your web site's SEO strategy, but we've seen tremendous successes when the above 3 steps are put into motion. As you can see we've tried to empower you so that you can succeed in performing these tasks on your own, but if you find that your time is better valued by building your business instead of performing these SEO tasks then contact us now for a custom quote and we'll start improving your web site's SEO presence today.

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