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  SEO - Landing Page Tune Up


Search Engine Optimization starts with the very building blocks of your landing pages. Based on your targeted keyword(s) you'll want to find out how well your page is constructed, from the actual copy displayed on your page to the number of words in your page title, even the number of images on your page gets considered by the major search engines and will affect your rankings. Add to this the fact that all of this is constantly changing - the search engines are always updating their algorithms and your competition is always working to displace you from your position in the search results pages. Whew! Where do you even start, let alone develop an effective strategy to stay current with this kind of effort?

WebSite Auditor Reporting


Using the analysis data from your custom WebSite Auditor report you'll immediately see which parts of your landing page(s) are sitting pretty and which parts are lagging, down to the tenth of a percentage point. After you receive the report you'll be able to tweak your page's settings, contents and code to improve your overall page rank and ultimately, your positioning on the search engine results pages.

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