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  Optimize Your Landing Page


Armed with my carefully selected keywords (“Mura”, “SEO” and “Mura-SEO”) the next step in my 90 Days to SEO exercise is for me to build and optimize a landing page for these keywords. I’ve tried this in the past and sometimes succeeded but more times than not, I simply got “close enough” and called it good. I knew full well that I had not optimized my landing page better than the rest of my competition who had also optimized landing pages for the same keywords.  However since finding WebSite Auditor the reason(s) for my half-hearted approach to page optimization have become very clear. There are so many little details that need to be addressed to optimize a landing page correctly that trying to do this manually can make you crazy. I have to confess that WebSite Auditor did almost all of the heavy lifting for me when it came to optimizing my landing page. It breezed through the arduous, detailed tasks like counting the total number of words on the page, calculating keyword usage (keyword density), analyzing the length of my page’s title and it even counted the number of keywords that I used in my img tag’s alt attribute. This tool is smart, it looks at how your competition got to the top of the rankings and then lays out a roadmap for you to emulate your own page’s construction to match (and hopefully exceed) that current standard.

Here’s a screenshot from my WebSite Auditor report:


I have to admit, when I see data presented like that it’s a tough thing to beat.

Armed with this information the task at hand was simple. Build your landing page using your keywords, let WebSite Auditor loose on it and then fix what the report says you’re weak on. Too many words? Trim down the length of your content. Not enough bolded text? Go and bold some text, but be careful not to bold too many or too many keywords, because WebSite Auditor will let you know about that too (what I'm saying is, it's easy to lower a score in one part when improving another until you get the hang of it). Essentially you just need to fix what the report details for you and watch your percentage of successful optimization rise above your competition.  Finish your changes, post them to your site and run the report again. Rinse and repeat. This process used to take me the better part of half a day to do  manually but thankfully now I can bang out a landing page in an hour or two.

By the way, since the web is so dynamic and is always changing, this reporting (and potential fixing) really needs to be done on a regular basis, ideally - daily.


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