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  No. 4 Ranking in Google!


It's been an interesting week to say the least. My Mac server's RAM blew out (and replaced, thank you AppleCare) and the family washing machine spun its last revolution (that's a whole other Oprah....) So imagine my surprise when I check the latest Google rankings for pages with my keywords "SEO" and "Mura" and learn not only that my designated landing page jumped from "unranked" to position 43 in the Google search results pages but the parent page "90 Days to SEO Blog" is, as of this posting, sitting in position number 4 in the Google search results pages - after only 53 days!


Don't get me wrong, I'm pleased and ecstatic to have achieved these rankings, but I can't quite run the victory lap yet - and here's why:

  • My primary landing page is actually ranking lower in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) than its parent page. This has me scratching my head for several reasons:
    • I've been very careful along this 90 day SEO experiment to only implement SEO tactics that have been documented either by Google or suggested by the WebSite Auditor reporting software. There are a ton of tricks, tips, and gossip about things to try or "... you absolutely need to do this or that to get your landing pages to hit page one of the Google SERPs...." which I've tried to avoid. Just sayin', been trying to keep it real.... 
    • The parent page in question (the page that is currently ranking HIGHER than my designated landing page) is actually the main page for the blog entries, so it only consists of summaries - sometimes only one sentence in length. It also contains a lot of links to the corresponding blog pages with no images and no multimedia files.
  • In the true spirit of thinking about "what does Google really like?" is Google really getting smart enough to read between the lines? Can the Google bot truly scan a web page and understand not only the raw content but also understand that a given web page is actually the gateway to a metric TON of additional, relevant content?
  • Google's linking algorithm must be the result of an evil genius or a group of bored inmates. I'm not sure which way I'm leaning on that one....
  • All of this has me wondering in my little fuzzy brain:
    • Is more emphasis being placed on new and regularly updated content?
    • What about ancillary, but not direct keyword and subject matter references? Is Google actually "interpreting" my site's content, or at least pages directly linked to and from my landing pages?
    • Will the Colorado Avalanche make it back into the playoffs this year? They acquired all that goaltending talent in the off-season....

I suppose all of this is going to complicate my somewhat simple SEO experiment. Yes, one of my pages went from not-existing to position number 4 in Google. And my intended landing page appears to still be climbing in the rankings...  very cool.

But what good is an experiment if you can't take the resulting data and make ridiculous claims with it? Stay tuned....


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