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  Find Great Keywords For Your Landing Page


Here is my perspective: My site is relatively new (born only in just this year, 2011) and my new landing page is completely new. I’m starting fresh with this content and competing for my share of click throughs for ultimately what is a very vertical category of interest (Mura CMS site authors interested in optimizing their web pages for search engines). My hopes were that the competition in this space was relatively light and there would be opportunity to lay claim to becoming somewhat of an authority since the technology was only just starting to gain traction across the web. Rank Tracker’s numbers reported that my strategy could work; as you can see the KEI values for “Mura” and “SEO” looked good and were positive values. Above all else, I did a few Google searches using those keywords and only found, literally, one or two links that described and spoke directly to the notion of using the Mura CMS to build out effective SEO pages.



I wanted to keep my keyword strategy simple for this particular initiative; the goal was to select very specific keywords towards my business goal. I only wanted one or two actual words (to make my optimization easier and more effective) and I wanted keywords with good KEI values. Also, I wanted to see if I could get any traction out of the resulting keywords from joining my selected keywords, which as it turns out, I may have gotten lucky with.

I opened up Rank Tracker and pointed it to an existing SEO page I had already developed as marketing material for my site. I used that URL and let Rank Tracker crunch the numbers on that particular page to get some feedback. Once that was complete I created a modified duplicate of what would ultimately become my landing page at and then pointed Rank Tracker back at that page to make sure I had given the software the correct context (just to make sure).

The numbers from Rank Tracker weren’t off-the-charts great, but they were still good.   The keywords fit the purpose for the business strategy of the landing page I wanted to pursue. Finally the raw sampling of search results told me there was definitely a place in this niche to gain some traction.

In summary, Rank Tracker didn't show me anything outrageous on the positive side but I also didn’t get any negative indicators either.

So “Mura” and “SEO” (and “Mura-SEO”) it is.


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