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  Creating a Link Directory


Summary: Each link from another site to your web site is considered a "vote" by the search engines; the more votes your site gets the more popular your site becomes. Therefore, do everything you can to get relevant sites just like yours to link to you. Ideally, a site that links to yours will have a higher Page Rank than yours, extending your landing page's credibility all the more. However just make sure your links are coming from other sites that at least share your subject matter interest - no link farms! You want to become a respected authority in your area of expertise, so if you're an accountant trying to improve your site's rankings amongst other  accounting web sites then more than likely a link from a hot dog vendor won't carry much weight with the search engines.

One way to build out your online parade of followers is to build a link directory on your site - "you first". I've found it a lot easier to request - and get - a link back to your site if you make contact with a potential relevant site's webmaster if your communication includes something like the following:

Dear Webmaster-

My name is Joe and I run I'm interested in building some site traffic as well as contacts in our industry and I was wondering if you'd include the following link to my web site from yours:

<a href="">Joe's Accounting - Corporate Accounting Experts</a>

As a show of good faith I've already added a link to your site on my site's link page, you can view it here:

Just let me know if you'd like me to change the link to your site or if you'd like me to include some different keywords.

When do you think I might expect to see my link appear on your site?

Thanks very much,


This is what I mean by "you first"; you've already built and posted the link to your requested web site. Now a few things could happen:

  • Nothing. You don't hear back from the person you communicated with, so after a month, your link to his site comes down.
  • You get a polite "no thanks". No problem, for whatever reason that site doesn't want to link with you. Maybe they feel threatened by your level of expertise or they live in a vacuum. In any event, your link to his site comes down.
  • You get a "... sure! would love to link back to you, here you go!" You check his link page and sure enough, there is the link to your site. Awesome!

Sadly, in this day and age you have to regularly monitor and manage your links, just in case the link from his site to yours suddenly but mysteriously goes away (it happens).  If that happens then your link to his site comes down.

This can be a rather arduous process since there are a lot of details to track and manage, and it's why I like using Link Assistant to either manage this for my clients or at least help them with it.

Links are important and you should always be looking for sites that you can request links from, or at the very least requesting a link exchange. Of course, if you focus on generating regularly awesome content then folks will simply want to link to your site anyway....

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