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  90 Days To SEO Blog


Check out the (almost) real-time progress as I select keywords, build and optimize a landing page and then seek out quality, relevant links to try and break the top 100 search engine results page list. Learn the basics of SEO, how important it is to your page rankings and just how much work it takes to achieve this goal.

September 1, 2011
SEO Punch List

Here's a check list of SEO tasks you need to consider in order to achieve that high ranking on the search engine results pages.  

August 20, 2011
No. 4 Ranking in Google!

After 53 days working the SEO trail with my keywords "SEO" and "Mura", one page ranks number 43 in Google and another lands in the number 4 spot! 

July 20, 2011
SEO & Your Multimedia Files

... so what happens if I build a web page where all of my content is displayed in a Flash presentation? A video file? Will Google "read" those multimedia files? The short answer: they're still working on it....

July 13, 2011
Don't Believe Me? Ask Google!

Don't just take anyone's word for it, SEO is too important and whenever possible, double check your sources. Here is some information about SEO right from the horse's mouth....

July 9, 2011
Creating a Link Directory

Getting other sites to link to yours is very important to your SEO efforts. A way to enhance that process - and actually provide even more value to your own site's viewers is to build a link page. Read on to learn how.

July 7, 2011
WebSite Auditor Report - Down in Rankings!

This "SEO stuff" can become pretty engrossing, especially when blogging about it. So I realized it had been over a week since my last WebSite Auditor report (this report tells you how your landing page's optimization rate fares against the competition). Wouldn't you know it, I dropped in my rankings! Read on to find out why this happened.

July 5, 2011
Google Webmaster Tools

If you're running a web site then you're officially a "Webmaster". Which means you should have a Google Webmaster Tools account.

July 3, 2011

Keep the Google Gods happy - don't forget your Sitemap.xml!

July 2, 2011
Optimize Your Landing Page

Optimizing a landing page used to take me the better part of half a day's time when I did it manually. With some advanced software and a refined workflow I can get it done in an hour or two....

July 1, 2011
Find Great Keywords For Your Landing Page

The starting point for 90 Days to SEO: Selecting keywords. Here are the notions and the strategy I applied to select the keywords to build my landing page. 

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