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  Search Engine Optimization


Search Engine Optimization ("SEO") is an important part of your web site. Sadly most web sites (more precisely 85%) have not given any consideration to any SEO strategies or tactics. While this represents a poor showing to most web sites out there today, it gives the remaining 15% of us a fighting chance at getting our pages to appear closer to the top of the Search Engine Results Pages ("SERPs"). The ultimate SEO goal: get your landing page(s) to appear on page 1 of the SERPs when someone searches for your keyword(s). While no small task, it's certainly attainable - and we show you how to do it.  

Keyword Research

We do SEO strictly with data. No black-hat (naughty) tricks that risk getting your web site thrown out of the search engines - why mess with that when we can do it correctly? We only employ white-hat (safe and suggested) tactics combined with our proven research backing our methods.  First things first -  research your keywords - be sure you're targeting those well sought-after keywords that aren't being pursued by your competition. We provide you with easy to understand reports that you can use to make good business decisions. Take the emotion out of the decision, do your SEO with data and you'll accomplish your SEO goals much faster.

Build Your Landing Pages

Use your keyword report data to build your landing pages - those pages which you'll specifically dress up to be most liked by the search engines. When someone searches on your keywords this is the page they'll get directed to -not your home page. We offer a report to measure how well your landing page measures up against your competition, and yes, you'll want to make your landing page better than your competition. We'll show you how easy this can be and give you a solid opportunity to rank your landing page among the best right from the start. 

How Did Your Competition Do It?

We can show you what your competition did to get their landing page to the top of the SERPs, but more than likely they've been around a while and they probably have a huge following of in-bound links....

Get Those Links

Find your competition, request and monitor link requests to your landing page. Links to your landing page from relevant pages are considered very good by the search engines and will help raise your ranking. This is another invaluable service we offer to our clients. Links to your landing page are arguably the most important one thing you can do to get ranked higher by the search engines. However, this can turn into a sizable task - managing link requests, providing reciprocal links, checking to make sure you're still getting a link back to your site.... We can handle this and manage all of that data for you.

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