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  Business Starter Website

Need help building your website?
We'll empower you with unlimited pages, blogs &
search-engine-friendly secrets! 

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Agency results without the agency fees!

  • Unlimited content, blog posts, web pages.... We'll get you started with the first 30 pages.
  • A powerful but easy-to-use Content Management System - no programming required (but we'll still let you 'techie-folk' write code if you like). If you can use Microsoft Word or Apple's Pages, you can add & edit your own web pages.
  • Fully functional blog! Build your online following with unlimited postings, optionally allow comments that you can approve or reject and easily setup anti-spam & other security parameters.
  • Multiple web forms - Easily build your own web forms and have user submissions automatically emailed to you & stored for future download.
  • Google Webmaster & Analytics accounts configured for you so that you can easily track your site metrics.
  • 1 year high speed web hosting included.
  • We'll even handle the technical details of your email/DNS/domain name administration.
  • Do you know what a "sitemap.xml" is? You should if you're running your own website. It's OK, we'll build it for you.
  • Build your website once, and we'll provide the code that automatically displays a platform-appropriate version for tablet and smart-phone viewers. It's like having 3 versions of your website in one!
  • We'll build your website in our Golden, CO offices. We don't outsource or off-shore any of our work.

About the Business Starter Website Plan

We built our Basic Website Plan for business people who probably aren't technically savvy because, well, they're too busy running they're business. They don't have the time or inclination to handle the technical details required to build a professional website. The only requirement our clients have to meet in order to utilize our Business Starter Website Plan is that they know their business. We handle the rest.

The specifics, here's what you get with our Basic Website Plan:

  • Site Planning: This is a critical first step not only for your website, but for your business too. We'll help you define a logical site structure that accurately highlights your business offerings. Do this step correctly at the beginning and the search engines will love you later. We'll help you collect the information that you'll use to build the individual web pages of your website.
  • Keyword Research: A few carefully selected keywords can really help accelerate your website's popularity. We'll help you find those desirable but not-so-competitive keywords that will help your website and your business accelerate beyond your competition.
  • Site Design: Our starter library has over 50 professionally designed templates to make your website stand out. You can run with one of these templates or for a little extra we can tweak it to your liking. Page menus, site navigation, headers, footers... we'll set it all up for you so that all you have to do is add your content.
  • Site Production: We use your site plan to build out the individual web pages for your website. With our Basic Website Plan we'll help you build up to 30 different web pages to get your website started. Need more? We'll be happy to help with one of our support contracts.
  • A REAL Content Management System: You can easily customize your system so that only certain users can build web pages, then automatically alert you to review, approve (make corrections) then post. Version control let's you restore a previous version of a web page with one click. Build web pages now, schedule them to be released in the middle of the night. It'll be like you hired an entire editorial staff!
  • Contact Forms: We provide you with 2 different web forms that will retrieve your site visitor's information as needed. These are great for contact us pages as well as your landing pages. When a site visitor fills out your forms you'll get their form data automatically emailed to you and we'll also store it so that you can download it all later. Typically one is used as a generic contact form, the other we can post on a landing page, or a timely site poll.
  • Fully Functional Blog: One of the most requested features we provide, you'll get a fully functioning blog on your website where you can post blog entries, allow comments, approve/reject comments, etc. This is a great feature to enhance your website's SEO ranking and get those highly valued linkbacks from other websites.
  • Technical Setup: Our Basic Website Plan empowers you to focus on your website content - after all nobody knows your business better than you do. But these technical tasks have to be completed or your website just won't perform, so we'll handle the following for you:
    • Domain name management and DNS setup.
    • Email accounts: Up to 10 email addresses are included with this plan but more are always available - just ask.
    • Google Webmaster account setup: Google will regularly look around your website and let you know if it finds any problems that you should fix. 
    • Google Analytics account setup: A must-have for your website. Track just about everything (and then some) about how many visitors your site receives, which pages get the most views, parts of the country (and world!) your visitors are from... We'll even handle that crazy javascript tracking code they make you use in all of your web pages. 
    • The creation and submission of your website's sitemap.xml file. This file talks directly to the search engines and is critical in garnering the affection from the likes of Google. 
    • Search Engine Safe (SES) URLs: The search engines will love your web pages right from the start with our automatic search engine safe URLs (we'll handle the setup for you, all you have to worry about is building your web pages).
  • Answers For Your Questions: Up to 1 hour of online meeting support where we'll literally walk you through the steps required to solve your website questions.
  • Mobile-Ready Version of Your Website: All of our Mura websites include programming that will automatically reformat your web pages for tablets and smart phone display. Yes, it's included! 
  • One year of hosting, included.
  • Access to Our Multimedia Tutorials: We've built fully narrated screen movies that answer a lot of the basic questions you'll likely have and walk you through the solutions.
  • Normally priced at $3499 but for the month of December we're offering a generous discount - call or click for our current discounted rate.
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