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  Logging In To Mura

If your site is all configured and you've planned all of your site's content then you're ready to start building content using the Mura CMS. The first thing you'll need to do is log in to your Mura account, which is easily accomplished by pointing your browser to your web site and viewing the web page. Once your page is on your screen you can click the short cut keys "ESC + L" simultaneously to bring up the Mura log in screen. Enter your username and password into the form the click the Log In button. You'll know you've successfully logged in to Mura when you see the Mura admin bar at the top of your web browser. We'll discuss how to use the Mura bar in upcoming movies. If you'd like to log out of the Mura CMS simply click the Log Out button located on the right side of the Mura admin bar.

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