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  Getting Started With Mura




Hi this is Rich and welcome to another Mura Movie. Today's movie will give you an overview of the Mura content management system or CMS.  

I'll show you how it can empower you to be able to build out your own websites and web applications on-the-fly. Mura is a content management system and is an open-source piece of software which means it's free to download and use. It's made by the wonderful folks at in Sacramento.

Workflow: You edit your page and site content in a browser that you've logged into your Mura account. You'll use the Mura editor and then Mura posts all files and details to your webserver. Of note is that you don't have to download or have any specific software other than a browser on your own computer. Now what's very cool about Mura is what it does for you right of out-of-the-box. Anything that you build using Mura is automatically incorporated into its own search engine so you don't have to program or put together a search engine. It puts together navigation for you too. It can put headers and footers together for you automatically on the fly so if you know, for example you're going to want a copyright notice at the bottom of every page and some some basic links you can set that up using Mura  as well.  The other thing is it's a real content management system so your staff can post edits and changes for you to review and then when you get around to it  you can either approve or reject the content. You can schedule when you'd like to publish that content (for example at 12:01 AM).  Mura uses web standards and style sheets which means anything it generates for you is going to be semantically correct and it's going to be very SEO friendly (search engine friendly) meaning that you put together your webpages and your web content will be liked very much by the search engines.  Mura can also handle weblogs, forms,  JavaScript image libraries, RSS feeds and the list just goes on and on so in the upcoming movies I'm going to walk you through step-by-step all of these processes and how to use Mura so that you can build each and every one of these things that I pointed out here in this movie. I'll show you firsthand how easy it is to use but before we get started is building a site there are some planning and preparation tasks that we need to cover and that's what we'll cover in the next movie.

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