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  Building Links in Mura


Building Hypertext links using Mura

Mura makes building links really easy. 

Log into your account and select the correct site to edit. Go back into the About Us page which is a page we've been working with for the last few movies.

Let's start with text - making text links is probably the easiest of all the links using Mura. All you do is highlight the text that you want to make "linkable", and while it's highlighted go up to the tool bar and you'll see actually 2 different link icons. The first one is for making an internal link or, a link to another page within your Mura site. This is the plain globe icon and when you mouse over it you'll see the text "Add Internal Link". Go ahead and click that and you'll see a search box appear. In this box you'll want to enter a keyword about the page you want to link to. We'll enter the word "site" and click the Search button and as you can see we get quite a few results back, which is because the word "site" appears in several different web pages that I've already built. Now here's the hard part: to create a link you simply need to select the radio button for the page you want to link to and boom! There it is the link is built out for you. Very easy and clean.

Now let's say you want to link to a web page on another site across the internet - easy. Select the text you want to make linkable, then click the other link icon - a globe with a chain link.  Click on that and you'll see the Link dialog box appear. We'll make it simple for this movie and just keep it to creating a simple, standard link to another web page, let's say we'll link to the website. 

For link type you want the selection of URL.

The protocol will work just fine if you use the "http" protocol selected.

Finally, enter, or copy and paste the url of the web page you want to link to. We'll use . Did you see what happened when you entered in the complete url with the HTTP? The form is a smart form and it took off the http:// part of the address since the Mura editor builds it for you automagically. 

Now we're not finished yet. Click on the Target tab and you'll see a Target drop down menu. If you want your user to view the linked web page in a completely different browser window instead of replacing your page in the current browser window then go ahead and select the "New Window" option. The other options are similar and a few were useful back when HTML frames were around - jeesh - remember those days??? 

We're done for now even though there are still 2 more tabs (Upload and Advanced). We'll cover those in a later movie.

Just a quick note, we'll take a quick step back to a previous movie when we worked with images. Want to make one of your images "linkable"? EASY!

Add your image, highlight it just like you did with your text earlier on and the same rules apply for creating either an internal link or an external link, use the appropriate buttons and you're off to the races. Actually, you're only going to create a hyperlink, there's absolutely no racing anywhere on this site. 

Link your website to this page! Copy and paste the URL below:


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