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  Mura CMS Help Files

Getting Started With Mura

What is Mura? How does it fit in to your workflow? Is it hard to use? All of these questions, and more, answered here....

Updated 3/11/2012 Duration: 3:39

Planning Your Web Site

Before you start building random web pages that you think "look cool", try these planning ideas first.

Updated 3/19/2012 Duration: 3:46

Logging In To Mura

How to log in to your Mura CMS account.

5/4/2011 Duration: 2:29

What NOT To Touch in the Mura CMS

You should definitely NOT touch "this" or "that" in the Mura CMS....

5/10/2011 Duration: 1:19

Your First Mura Web Page

The basics, log in and build your first Mura CMS web page.

5/16/2011 Duration: 1:59

Your First Mura Web Page - Basic Tab

Your first Mura CMS web page, actually building out the page's content using the Basic tab of the Mura editor screen.

5/21/2011 Duration: 14:47

Working With Images In Mura

How to place images within your page's content using the Mura CMS.

5/27/2011 Duration: 6:11

Building Links in Mura

Learn how easy it is to create and edit links using Mura. 

6/7/2011 Duration 6:56

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