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  Multimedia Production


Yesterday's internet limited us to slow loading video files and animated .gif files. It sucked a lot. With today's faster computers, increased bandwidth and better technology almost anything is possible, literally. While there are still some limitations to be aware of you'll enjoy the success of presenting a moving picture with music, sound and grace. We've come a long way baby!  

Screen Movies

Need to demonstrate how your software works? Need to demonstrate how your software DOESN'T work? Everything from e-learning to product support to problem solving can be communicated effectively by building screen movies. Need a sample? Check out our online library.


Sometimes the only way to tell a story is to, well, let the story teller tell the story. With just a little bit of preparation you can publish a very polished, TV-documentary-quality interview. The written word is nice and often very effective but you'll never come close to the emotion, passion and ultimate communication of an effective interview. Our portable studio equipment makes it convenient to come to your location and shoot the appropriate footage that we'll use to produce your interview. You can view an interview here.


Do you have a Powerpoint presentation that wowed everyone you showed it to? Don't limit it to only those people that you can slide your laptop in front of, let us convert it, optimize it and post it for your customers to see. The interview link also incorporates a simple, self-running presentation. 


"Let me show you what I'm talking about" is usually a little easier to garner interest in than typing instructions. Or why not combine both? That's what we accomplished with this 3D software demonstration.

E-Learning - The Future of Learning

Just recently we built an online experiment for our SEO services. We wanted to layout and explain a sometimes complex concept but smooth out the ideas and water down the concepts. You can view the presentation here.

The Best For Last? HELP!

We absolutely love the ability to help our customers live, in real time, on their computers. No, they aren't in our offices - some of our clients aren't even in the same state! We use a very cool product from Adobe called Connect and that allows us to meet together online. The really nice part? Our client can share their computer and we can see immediately what they're doing, including watching them type, use their mouse - it's as if we're standing next to them looking over their shoulder! And if we need to we can assume control of their computer (with their permission, of course) and fix a problem, address an issue, whatever the problem is we can fix it right there. Our clients know that when they work with us they only need to spend just a minute or two figuring something out, or if they've broken something they know they can simply call us and we'll meet online with them and see right away where they are, what they've done and save everyone a lot of frustration. Most have told us that you just can't put a price on that....

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