Mura CMS Hosting

About You: You're a professional, a subject matter expert, a leader within a company or someone who just plain and simply needs to get things done. You understand the importance of an internet presence but don't want to be restricted by it. You want to be empowered but you don't want to have to learn all of the technical aspects of internet programming. You don't know how an internet server or a database works and you don't want to. However - you understand that the internet is a big place and perhaps the time has come to reaffirm your presence as a leader in your industry, on the internet. Search engines, social media, blogs... you know they're important, but not necessarily why....

About Our emphasis is your content. We have established workflows and toolsets that are simple to use, yet powerful. Already have a web site? Great, as hosting experts we'll handle moving and setting it up for you on our systems. Starting a new internet initiative? Even better, since there's nothing like getting it right from the get-go. Do you have volumes of text? Megabytes of video? Hours of Powerpoint presentations? Don't let your valuable materials wither away, let us help you post, promote and improve your content. Don't yet have your head around search engine optimization or how Google works? Wondering if all of those printed pages might be a little more attractive in an updated multimedia presentation? Maybe it's time.

We ARE NOT Microsoft Gold Partners, we're not members of Oracle's Partner Network - none of that stuff. We don't get a spiff for blindly putting you into a solution so we can make a monthly commission. We work with you to understand what you need to accomplish and offer up the most appropriate solutions that make sense for you. You pay us, we work for you.

Hosting Costs:

Hosting costs are minimal. If you're an astute web author, already familiar with the Mura Content Management System and have a firm grasp for the black art of Search Engine Optimization, then you're in luck.

$10/month (paid annually) includes:

  • 5 GB of disk space for your content (need more just ask, there's plenty to go around - an extra gig won't cost you anything).

  • Unlimited traffic transfer. Why penalize your success?

  • Your own Mura CMS account. Free of course.

  • Nightly backups, on top of the versioning that Mura does automatically for you. Essentially, you'll have access to all of your work history for months, possibly even years!

  • Free mobile version of your site. No, it's not an app, but it is a version of your site completely optimized for cell phones and tablets! 

  • Email, DNS, FTP... yup, all handled for you. What else do you need? Just ask.

  • We don't hide our fees nor will we ding you for every question you have, but if you're a novice web author you may want to consider buying a support plan.

  • Free and unlimited access to our library of online support movies. Watch and learn, repeat.

Need help? Contact us with any questions you may have. Our support plans are affordable and flexible too.